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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

An Open Letter to Democrats in HP's 10th Election District

Dear Neighbors in the 10th District,

I am writing to ask for your support for the 10th District Democratic Municipal Committee seat, which I am seeking in the June 5 primary. For those who may be unfamiliar with district boundaries, the 10th district ranges from the eastern side of North Fifth Avenue (across from the high school) all the way to the Edison border on the north side (through Highland Ave, Lexington Ave, Washington Ave, and along Route 27).

Highland Park is divided into 13 election districts, each of which elects one Committeeman and one Committeewoman to the Democratic Municipal Committee, which makes up the party organization in town and ultimately decides which mayoral and council candidates get the party's official endorsement.

I am proud to be running with the Highland Park Democrats, the team for Smart Change, on Line C. I also ask residents of the 10th district to support my running mate Sal Raspa for Democratic Committeeman and for residents in the following districts to support our Line C team--Barry Seiden for Democratic Committeeman in District 1, Alan Salit for Democratic Committteeman in District 2, Michael Kornfeld for Democratic Committeeman in District 4, Mary Laney for Democratic Committeewoman in District 7, George Valenta for Democratic Committeeman in District 11, and Nancy Wolf for Democratic Committeewoman in District 11.

As your Democratic Committee District Representative, I will work to open meetings of the Democratic Municipal Committee to all who are interested and include time for public input. I will promote active support of Democratic candidates at all levels, creation of subcommittees to involve more people in the party, and welcoming of diverse opinions. I envision our local Democratic Party as a place with room for all who want to participate. Most importantly, I will work to facilitate a fair and open process of selecting mayoral and council candidates and district representatives.

My background, political experience and qualifications for this position include the following:

· Member, NJ Natural Areas Council, Appointed by former Governor Richard J. Codey
· Member and 2008 Board Candidate, Democratic National Committee Women’s Leadership Forum
· Member, Middlesex County Chapter, Democracy for America, played leading role in local voter registration drives and Get Out the Vote efforts for the 2004 Kerry/Edwards campaign
· Life Member, Raritan Valley Chapter of Hadassah
· 2007 Environmental Steward, Rutgers Cooperative Extension Program
· 2006 Graduate, Governing Institute of New Jersey
· Finalist for 2006 NJ Environmental Leadership Award, with score of 81 out of possible 100.
· 2005 Fellow, Leadership Somerset (year-long leadership training program)
· Graduate, Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions (ANJEC) Inaugural Leadership Training, 2005
· Completed Main Street New Jersey Downtown Revitalization Institute, 2003
· Graduate, Women’s Campaign School at Yale, 2001
· Member, NJ Coalition to Stop Eminent Domain Abuse
· Member Center for the American Woman and Politics (CAWP) Bipartisan Coalition on Women’s Appointments.
· Member, Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA)
· Member of Highland Park Board of Health and Food Pantry Committee. Served 11 years on HP Environmental Commission, 10 as Secretary
· Employed as Somerset County Editor for The Somerset Spectator and as Writing Instructor at Mercer County Community College
· Coordinator, Unofficial Highland Park non-partisan email newsletter, since 1999

This blog is an independent site that solely represents my opinions. For more on the Highland Park Democrats, please visit the official site at:

On June 5, 2007, Vote Line C for Smart Change
Nancy Wolf for Mayor, Michael Kornfeld and George Valenta for Borough Council
Polls Open 6 AM-8 PM

Thank you, and here's to a bright future for our community.